Guide For Selecting An Aircraft Charter And Management Specialist

Aircraft charter and management is a highly skilled and regulated industry. An aircraft owner’s connection with their management firm is unlike any other; it’s more like a partnership than a standard supplier/customer relationship. When it comes to aircraft management, most owners prefer to choose a business with extensive experience, high safety ratings, and an understanding of and alignment with the owner’s air travel needs. 

In this piece, here are some of the main factors to consider when selecting an ACM firm.

  • One of the most significant aspects is experience. You must examine the experience of an aircraft charter and management specialist while seeking for one. This is critical because it greatly influences the type of services you may expect from them. If necessary, request references from previous clients with similar aircraft and mission characteristics from the potential company.
  • Take into account their safety ratings. Aircraft and Aviation Management in Malaysia is a well-known and recognised organisation that grade ACM firms based on their safety records. Inquire about a possible management firm’s ratings from these organisations.
  • Who do they serve as clients? While many organisations and private aircraft owners choose to keep their identities hidden, some may be available for reference. At the very least, an ACM operator should be able to give a “blind” profile of its clients for inspection.
  • What is their area of expertise? A potential management firm should be able to offer you with a summary of their Operations Specifications, or OPSPECS, so you can learn more about their capabilities. This is particularly crucial for owners who intend to travel outside of the United States.
  • What criteria do they use to determine success? What kind of reports will you receive, to put it another way? The majority of managed aircraft owners receive a monthly summary that includes information on every flight, every maintenance transaction, and so on. You have every right as a business owner to receive any information you want, in whatever manner you want it. If you’re used to looking at performance data in a certain way, you should be able to do the same with aircraft activity reporting. You can even have an automated data interface set up to provide you this information electronically if you choose.

Last but not least, you must comprehend the value proposition. Not all organisations can effectively deal with management requirements, which can only increase your overall expenditures. The entire point of employing an aircraft management firm is to maintain tight control over operations while increasing efficiency and transparency. It is doubtful that you will get strong results in terms of customer service and execution unless the management business can match your expectations in these areas.

Please utilise these areas as a source of information for potential aircraft charter and management firms. If you choose to hire a third-party consultant, you may rest assured that the possible ACM firms have been thoroughly vetted to suit your requirements.

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