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What should you study in a Nursing Major to Be a Good Nurse?

Before choosing this major, ask yourself, are you ready to become a nurse? Not everyone is able to become a Squad nurse, because this profession prioritizes service over profit orientation. Becoming a nurse means that you will dedicate your life and skills to caring for and assisting the sick. In addition to these soft skills, you must also have hard skills or good knowledge to be a reliable nurse.

In addition to equipping themselves with medical sciences, such as memorizing anatomy to medical devices, nurses must also have a sense of empathy and concern for patients. You cannot separate this sense of empathy and knowledge, Squad, because both are equally important so that you can treat patients until they recover.

Have a strong mentality

Squad, being a nurse is not easy. As a prospective nurse, students majoring in nursing must be prepared to study all course materials that are almost similar to the Department of Medical Sciences. You will also go through field practices that require you to stay up late during the night shift or work overtime. 

Learn good and effective communication

There are still many who think that taking a nursing major is worth it, why not just become a doctor right away. In fact, the concept of education and service between doctors and nurses is different, you know. In nursing, when you go for permohonan kolej jururawat you will learn about meeting basic human needs. So, you not only study science, but also social life. For example, how to communicate well and effectively with patients, how to provide health services that support healing, and so on.

permohonan kolej jururawat

Often study groups

Nursing students are identical with their group learning activities. Why? This is because there are quite a lot of nursing children’s lecture materials. This amount of material makes students often divide teaching materials into smaller portions to be studied one by one in groups so that study time is more effective.

Prioritizing personal hygiene or personal hygiene

How can you take care of others if you don’t pay attention to your own hygiene and health? Nursing students must always prioritize personal hygiene. Especially when you are already practising in the field and treating patients with various conditions and illnesses. To pass certification as a nurse, you must also maintain cleanliness in the work environment to keep it sterile. 

Nursing job prospects

In the health industry, nurses are needed by the Squad. Especially if you become a nurse who specializes in a field. For example, medical surgical nursing, paediatric nursing, maternity nursing, gerontic nursing, psychiatric nursing, emergency nursing, nursing management, paediatric nursing, and others.

Very cool, isn’t it, squad? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work and help others at the same time? Well, a nurse certainly can’t make mistakes, even if they are small. So, you must prepare yourself as well as possible if you want to enter the nursing major. 

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