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Skin Care Tips For Babies That New Mothers Should Know

Now that your baby has arrived, you’re integrating into a regular routine. Keeping your infant warm and well-fed is at the top of your priority list. Baby skin care can be just as vital as adult skin care. What’s the benefit of a baby’s delicate skin? Your contact on your baby’s skin is comforting and caring, and it’s important for his or her growth. The skin of a newborn infant is sensitive, as is the immune system of a baby. Chemicals, scents, and colours in clothes, detergents, and baby items can trigger newborn skin inflammation, dryness, chafing, and rashes, in addition to the common newborn rashes. There is, however, a lot you could do to safeguard your baby’s skin against these issues.

Baby Skin Care Made with Natural Ingredients

A newborn baby’s skin is wrinkled and covered in a protective layer called vernix, which naturally comes off in the first week. It’s not necessary to hurry it, rub it, or apply lotions or creams to it. This procedure is likely completed while a kid is still within the womb if they are born after their due date. “Less is more” when it comes to neonatal skin care. Here are some suggestions for keeping your infant safe from allergies and rashes.

Avoid the temptation to wash your child regularly.

Bathing too frequently throughout the first year — and over 3 times per week — destroys the natural oils which preserve a baby’s skin. The baby’s skin may become fragile and dry as a result of this. Eczema may also be aggravated.

Newborns don’t get extremely dirty, except from drool and diaper changes. Babies don’t work and then go to the gym! A sponge wash up to three times per week will make your infant clean during the first months or so. Wipe the infant’s mouth and diaper region with some water or cleaner in between. For babies with the umbilical still connected, sponge showers once a week (maybe less) are ideal.

moisturizing baby wipes malaysia

In the first several months, avoid using scented baby items. 

The sensitive skin of your newborn may be irritated as a result of this. You can easily obtain fragrance free products at the nearest store or even through online searches. From fragrance free shampoo to moisturizing baby wipes in Malaysia, all of it can be useful and safe for the baby’s skin.

Although a product can claim that it has no chemical inside, you have to be extra careful by only purchasing products from credible companies. Pick one that especially focuses on manufacturing baby products, such as Pureen, Huggies, and many others.

Before you put your baby’s clothes on, wash them. 

Use only fragrance-free and dye-free baby washing detergents. Baby clothing, bedding, and blankets should be washed separately from the rest of the family’s laundry. Alternatively, use the same detergents for the whole family.

Besides that, you also need to opt for baby clothes which are safe and comfortable to the skin. If the baby finds themself in an uncomfortable attire, they might throw a tantrum and would affect their well-being as well. Make sure to choose only the best products for your baby and their sensitive skin.

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