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Septic tank also known as septic system is a small -scale sewer treatment system, is a sewage treatment tank commonly used in residential areas of single -family homes. In general, the term septic refers to the environment of anaerobic bacteria formed in the tank which decomposes the waste that enters the tank. You can visit septic tank pumping service malaysia.

Septic tank building materials are usually brick, concrete, fiberglass or plastic. The shape of a septic tank is usually rectangular (constructed of concrete) or cylindrical (material of plastic or fiber).

The waste material will enter the first chamber of the tank and cause the solid material to dissolve into sediments and floating husks. The solid precipitate will be decomposed anaerobically which causes the volume of the solid to decrease. The liquid material will flow through the wall divider to the second chamber and the solid material precipitates. Excess liquid from the second chamber will exit from the outlet to the drain through the effluent pipe.

Waste that is not decomposed by the anaerobic system will result in a full septic tank. When this happens, the waste will be removed manually using a vacuum pump.

In Malaysia, individual septic tanks are widely used. It is estimated that approximately 1.2 million premises have individual septic tanks. A perfect individual septic tank according to Malaysian Standards – MS 1228 has 3 to 4 rectangular metal covers and is usually located outside the premises either at the front, back or side of the premises.

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Some of the septic tanks are in the renovated premises. Sewage (faeces) that flows into the septic tank is not fully treated and therefore the septic tank needs to be emptied on a regular basis, approximately every two years to ensure it works efficiently.


Known as a check hole, a manhole is a structure found at ground level. It is built to facilitate maintenance work in the event of damage or clogging of the drainage system.

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Manhole building materials are usually brick or concrete. The shape of the manhole is also various, including rectangular shape, round shape, “T” shape or “L” shape. Typically, the same rectangular shape is commonly used. Each manhole is equipped with a cover made of 18 “x24” steel

Types of manholes

Divided into 4:

1. Shallow manhole

2. Ordinary manholes

3. Deep manhole

4. Rear curtain manhole


Sumps are built to trap foreign objects that can block the flow such as tree twigs, leaves, trash, sand and others. It can also simplify the cleaning work by simply removing foreign objects trapped at the base of the Sump. In addition, it can also slow down the movement of fluids.

The building materials for Sump are concrete and built in-situ. Usually located at the connection of the drainage system.

The drains connecting to the Sump have different heights. There will usually be inlet drainage and outlet drainage.


A culvert is a conduit used or constructed to drain water in a ditch or drain to prevent clogging. It can be used to allow water to flow through it under roads, railways or bridges etc.

It is able to bear the load imposed on it so it is suitable to be used to build roads on it.

Culvert building materials are usually made of concrete reinforced with reinforcement, iron or PVC.

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