How to buy the Best Nursing Pillow.

Lansinoh’s nursing pillows

Nursing pillows are a lifesaver for mothers all over the world. It’s so effective that lactation professionals swear by it! Nursing pillows have spared moms from chronic pain and bodily harm, whether they are new mothers or experienced mothers on their second or third child. Mothers go through a lot of changes and issues when nursing their babies. In the absence of a nursing cushion, a mother is left hurting after a nursing session. Mothers all around the world suffer from arched shoulders and backache as a result of having to hold a baby at a precise position while angling her own body in a stiff manner. Nursing often produces soreness in the moms’ arms as a result of needing to hold the infant in a specific position. Mothers’ agony and discomfort have been reduced, and in some cases, completely eliminated, thanks to nursing pillows. The soft, ergonomically formed cushions allow women to unwind and securely embrace their babies while nursing. The baby senses this tranquilly and does not fuss as much during the procedure. Latching is also aided by nursing pillows. When feeding a newborn, most women feel acute nipple discomfort due to the baby’s difficulty to latch. As a result, they are unable to latch correctly, and milk supply from the breast is reduced. This, combined with nipple soreness, causes moms to get agitated.

Nursing pillows allow mothers to share the responsibility of feeding the baby. Anyone in the family or a trusted friend can feed the baby using a nursing pillow. This would also help with the bonding between a baby and their family. 

Nursing pillows are very versatile. In that, nursing pillows have the ability to double as prop up pillows and once the baby grows up a little, they can be propped up on the said pillow to see their surroundings. 

Lansinoh’s nursing pillows

Factors to Consider when Buying a Nursing Pillow. 

  1. A Perfect Match.

It goes without saying that mothers need to find the most perfect fit for their nursing pillows. It is a given that moms all over the world have different waist sizes. As a result of this, they need to find something that fits them comfortably and stays in place while they feed the baby.

  1. Shape and Firmness. 

A newborn baby must lie on the pillow with their neck straight while facing the breast. In order to accomodate this position, the shape of the pillow needs to be ergonomic and flexible while the firmness needs to be malleable, but not too malleable. 

  1. Belt or Strap. 

The existence of a belt or a strap allows the mothers to tie the pillow around their bodies and walk around while feeding the baby. This creates an opportunity for them to multitask while feeding. They can fold laundry, do the dishes, etc. 

  1. Special Features. 

Many pillows come with a set of special features. These range from being twin friendly to portability. Some even double as body pillows for mothers to use when they are pregnant. 

All of these features must be kept in mind when a feeding pillow is being purchased. Lansinoh’s nursing pillows are the best pillows on the market. They are affordable and offer a wide selection for parents who are trying to choose the best for their kids.

Lansinoh’s nursing pillows

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