Budget-Friendly POS System in Malaysia

What is a Pos system hardware?

Ever thought about what is a Pos system hardware? It’s nothing complicated. A Pos system is a fusion of hardware and software that does more than performing a transaction such as sale or return. Most businesses do not realise the importance of a Pos system hardware is just as important as the Pos system software. Therefore, here we will discuss why to buy pos system hardware in Malaysia matters for your business. 

buy pos system hardware in Malaysia

Point of System (POS) Hardware

A Pos system hardware is the input and output devices that makes the software function at the point of purchase. In today’s modern evolving technology, the Pos system hardware can vary from traditional computer setup to an iPad cash register. When purchasing a Pos system hardware, there is one thing to remember, the system just cannot operate by itself but it is designed to work with specific hardware components and intelligence procedures. Thus, there are a set of hardware bundles that come along when purchasing the Pos system hardware that comes handy while operating your business. There are 5 main hardware components needed while purchasing the Pos system hardware.

  1. A touchscreen monitor or tablet

Touchscreen electronics such as the iPad or tablet are becoming prevalent in most businesses. This is because the price-friendly of these devices and user-friendly design has made it optimal for small businesses to operate it. Unlike the traditional cash registers, these devices do not take up much space and do not constrain the employee-customer interaction.

  1. Credit card terminal

A credit card reader is another essential fundamental of the Pos system hardware set. Since the strike of the Covid-19 pandemic, many consumers use online payments such as the debit or credit card as their preferred method of payment to pay for any purchase of product or service. Therefore, it is necessary to have a credit card terminal as an option of payment at your business.

  1. Cash drawer

A cash drawer has been a staple since the earlier days. Although most consumers prefer to pay with cards, there are some customers who still prefer to pay with cash. Therefore, a cash drawer is still necessary in operating your business.

buy pos system hardware in Malaysia
  1. Receipt printer

It is a common system to print out a receipt at the end of a transaction to hand it out to the customer. A receipt printer is important as a record of transaction or proof of transaction to return an item if the customer is not satisfied with the product or service.

  1. Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner integrates the checkout process in any retail business by reading the product’s barcode. A barcode scanner can be handheld or stationary while checking out. The barcode scanner comes in most handy in situations when there are high-volume consumers.


A Pos system hardware is very essential and comes in handy to ensure your business runs more efficiently. It can benefit small or large-scale businesses in many ways by improving sales, keeping inventory at a manageable scale, increasing productivity of the employees and improving the customer’s satisfaction.

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