A Guide to Buy the Right Insurance Plan

buy comprehensive protection plan for working adults Malaysia

Our health and safety are the most important aspects of our life. Taking care of them is a priority as there would be many consequences awaiting us if being neglected. This is why it is crucial to buy comprehensive protection plan for working adults Malaysia. We are aware that accidents can happen anywhere and it is inevitable. Hence why you should be prepared for those by choosing the right plan. This would benefit you especially if you are a breadwinner for your family. This post will show you step by step how to purchase the perfect plan for you or for your family.

How to Purchase the Right Insurance Plan?

Getting the correct l plan is very important because there might be differences in what you are going to buy and the ones that are in the marketplace. These are what you have to consider before buying any:

1. Do you need this?

If you are working with a company, usually they would provide group coverage. Even so, it is advisable for you to get your own medical insurance. As we know, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. There might be times when you are unable to go to work or something bad happens to you. It is always a safe option to get a medical plan for yourself while you are still working. The purpose of having an insurance policy is to provide a financial safety net in the event of a disaster. It all depends on the situation you are facing, or you might want to think of an event that has yet to happen in the future. 

2. Is it affordable?

This is one of the significant concerns that should be voiced. Yes, it is true that it is important for you to choose the best plan. However, you should stay within your budget. It would be better if you choose a plan that would benefit you rather than spending lavishly but would put you in a difficult condition in the end. This usually occurs for life insurance policies that do not provide a cash value (accumulated savings). If you do not pay your premium by the due date, your policy will be cancelled and you will not be eligible for a refund. This isn’t what insurance plans are for, hence why you should think thoroughly before making any purchase. 

3. Insurance provider vs insurance agent

buy comprehensive protection plan for working adults Malaysia

Normally, insurance providers would provide you with the option of whether to buy directly from them or via an insurance agent. You can opt for one of them, but they both hold advantages and disadvantages. Let’s say if you wish to proceed with insurance agents, you will have to pay them more so that they will get their commissions. Despite that, they are very dependable in terms of explaining to you the correct process and the answers to your questions.

Buying a policy online on the other hand, not all insurance providers would provide you with that option. They’re usually cheaper by 5 to 10%, but they are quite limited in choices. If you prefer buying directly from insurance providers by going to their premises or through a phone call, it is just the same as buying online. The only difference is it is less expensive than buying from an agent. 

4. Study the plan beforehand

Of course, you shouldn’t buy any plan bluntly. You need to know what are the benefits and the offers provided in the plan. If you are going with an insurance agent, don’t be shy to ask any questions lingering in your mind. You might want to do some research and if there is any question you might ask the person in charge.

We all understand the concern of most people regarding insurance plans. Choosing the right plan is crucial and it all depends on you. May this post help you in finding the perfect one. Good luck!

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